Water and sanitation management

Bluspark accompanies your agents in their daily activities.

Rivieres de Haute Alsace
Eau Ouest Essonne
Rivieres de Haute Alsace
Eau Ouest Essonne

A real business tool, Bluspark is the ideal platform for managing interventions, maintenance and upkeep of your works, but also for communication with your ecosystem.


Digitize the management of interventions to bring more transparency to your teams' work.


Connect all your business stakeholders on a single digital platform for unique information.


Simplify the management of your facilities by dematerializing your inspection and maintenance operations.

Creation and follow-up of work orders

Your inspection teams, users and other platform users can easily report field observations or incidents that need to be resolved. Reports are qualified: geo-location, type of problem, information such as text and photos. They are then transferred to the right teams according to the type of problem (leak, bad water quality, etc…).

For example, a resident can report a sewage leak on the sidewalk. The concessionaire’s crews are informed in real time, allowing for rapid intervention. Or an ice jam is obstructing the flow of the river and needs to be cleared quickly.

Organization of incident resolution

The manager who received the incident directs his/her internal or external (subcontractors) teams to resolve the incident. At the end of each activity, these teams record the service with photos and a form, and can also open new incidents if necessary.

For example: a manhole cover has come loose and needs to be addressed quickly. Your internal teams were sent to solve the problem but were unable to do so. They decide to follow up on this event and hand it over to a subcontractor specializing in this problem. The latter receives a work order notification, takes care of it and registers the service on the platform.

We also assist you at every stage

Our Project and Support teams will assist you in the definition and implementation of the solution and, of course, throughout the use of our solution.

Facilitate your maintenance and inspections

Bluspark not only allows for the follow-up of curative interventions, but also proposes a maintenance module for your works and installations. A single tool to pilot and organize the preventive maintenance of your assets! 

Your agents will have access, in one click, to all inspection history and technical documentation.

Bluspark adapts to your procedures and the controls are filled in according to your routines. All necessary information is entered into the application.

For example, pumps, valves, rain gauges, electrical cabinets, Bluspark adapts to your needs.

Manage the rounds of your agents

Le module de maintenance permet d’intégrer les tournées standardisées d’inspection ou de contrôle que vos agents effectuent régulièrement. Ceux-ci pourront documenter leurs observations et vous pourrez ainsi facilement retrouver les rapports de tournées totalement digitalisés.
Si des interventions sont nécessaires, saisissez les dans Bluspark qui s’occupera d’envoyer la demande au bon partenaire.

The platform is used to:


Give each actor in the ecosystem - residents, internal technicians, subcontractors - the ability to open geo-located occurrences for faster resolutions.

Creation Parcours

Optimize the efficiency of preventive and corrective maintenance interventions


Warn the population in case of service interruption through appropriate communication channels.


The platform brings clients and managers together, fostering a relationship of trust within the ecosystem.

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They {'talk'} about us

Discover the testimonies of the customers who trust us.

Jean-Baptiste Ferrero

Communication director - SyAGE

We were seduced by Bluspark because it is easy to use, extremely flexible and intuitive.

Gwendoline Kervellec

Hydraulic engineer - Rivière Haute Alsace

Our goal was to make our interventions easier to handle with an app for the technicians as well as to evaluate the time spent on each location.

Galle Robeiri

Water and Sanitation Engineer – Siarce

Residents find that it is now easier to submit a report directly on the app and then forward it to the right people in real time rather than calling the secretaries of the various departments.

Gwendoline Kervellec

Hydraulic engineer - Rivière Haute Alsace

We were apprehensive about the management of the application by the technicians at the beginning, that it would be too cumbersome or that they would duplicate entries but the technicians quickly adopted the application!

Loic Bideau

Syndicate of the Orge

The advantage of Bluspark is that it can inform users and residents with very precise information, personalized to their needs.

Gwendoline Kervellec

Hydraulic engineer - Rivière Haute Alsace

The advantage of Bluspark is that it allows you to prioritize and have an overview of recurring problems.

Jean-Baptiste Ferrero

Communication Director - SyAGE

The app is easy to set up because it was an in depth interaction with a team that listens and is highly available