All the strength of the collective at the service of the individual

Bluspark acts as an orchestra conductor by connecting infrastructure managers to their ecosystems. Everyone is at the service of everyone, everywhere and at all times for the benefit of the community.


Our ['story']

Bluspark was born from the desire of its two founders to transform the way public infrastructure managers operate, by placing each individual in a position to act on their environment.

Therefore we decided to provide an intuitive digital tool allowing everyone to share the right information, at the right time, with the right person.

We are convinced that in this way it is possible to re-establish a relationship of trust between the individual and his or her services and to have a strong impact on the environment by reducing unnecessary consumption.

Our ['mission']

To improve the quality of services in the Utilities sector – Water, Waste, Roads, Energy, Green Spaces, Buildings – by offering a new, simple, digital tool for operating infrastructures.

Our ['Values']


Guided by simplicity

The ambition of the uncomplicated leads each of us. We care about the quality and simplicity of our app.


Obsessed with people

We strive to create an application that adds value to people's lives, not noise. We believe that the infrastructure sector must be transformed to incorporate people's expertise and wisdom.


Driven by universality

Regardless of the organization, we believe that our job is to connect the right people with the right information at each and every stage of the customer experience.

The team

Thierry Noel


Using the latest technology, the founders have created a lightweight, flexible, field-tested application that bridges the gap between the lack of operational tools for customers. Since then, they have been providing cities, regions and companies with support for a more sustainable management of their infrastructures.

Yannick Manuel

Directeur financier

Cloé Ratel

Directrice RH

Laura Thonneau

Directrice Commerciale

For the past 4 years, Bluspark has been constantly growing thanks to the dedication of its employees.

Jean-Francois Lépine

CTO Bluspark

Schérazade Chahir

Responsable Opérations et Produit

Elie Guardia Sebaoun

Responsable Data/IA

Stéphane Redeuil

Développeur Backend

Emmeric Royer

Développeur Backend

Thomas Volant

Dév Ops

Jimmy Achour

Développeur Frontend

Guillaume Bertrand

Développeur Frontend

Yasmine Achgaf

UI/UX Designer

Franck Vannier

Support Client

Our ['certifications']

Bluspark, your collaborative intervention management platform dedicated to Technical Services agents, is certified :

Our ['locations']

The Bluspark app was 100% developed in France and is used by several local authorities on the French territory (cities, agglomerations, river unions and sanitation, etc.) for their administrative management.

Bluspark is also expanding its international presence with facilities in Brazil, Bolivia, Egypt and Uzbekistan.