Building maintenance and upkeep

Bluspark simplifies service management with your providers.

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Creil Sud Oise
La ferté Alais
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Republique FR
Creil Sud Oise
La ferté Alais
Rouen normandie
Saint Maurice Montcouronne

A real tool for digitalising these activities, Bluspark is the ideal platform for managing your buildings’ interventions, maintenance and upkeep. It adapts to your needs and allows you to manage your activities and service providers.


Connect all your building stakeholders on a single digital platform.


Digitize your interventions management to bring more transparency to the activities of your teams.


Streamline your equipment management by digitizing your inspection and maintenance operations.

Creation and monitoring of work orders

Services and other users of the platform can report incidents to be solved in the building. The reports are automatically tracked to the right part of the building according to your location criteria. Requests are pre-qualified according to your specifications and transferred to the right service provider or team depending on the nature of the need (cleaning, heating breakdown, furniture damage, etc.).

For example, the shutters no longer close. Report it so that the maintenance team is informed. They will know where the problem is and can tell you how long it will take to fix it.

Organisation of incident resolution

The manager who received the incident directs his or her service providers or internal teams to resolve the incident. At the end of each operations, these teams record the service with a form and photos, and can also open up additional incidents if necessary.

We also assist you at every stage

Our Project and Support teams will assist you in the definition and implementation of the solution and, of course, throughout the use of our platform.

Manage the quality of your services according to your needs

Whether you have a supervisor or manager profile, Bluspark will allow you to find the analyses that suit you. Has the work been done on such and such building under my operational responsibility? What is the average resolution time on such and such type of service in my territory? You will be able to answer these questions with the information provided by Bluspark.


A solution that allows you to record occurrences in your real estate portfolio in a detailed manner, in order to facilitate the resolution of incidents.


A real-time global view of occurrences to allow the manager to understand what is happening and therefor taking the right decisions.

Creation Parcours

Creation of maintenance paths dedicated to your building's equipment.

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They {'talk'} about us

Discover the testimonies of customers who trust us.

Sandrine Louarrani

Joint General Secretariat of the Loire Atlantique Department

Bluspark facilitates daily cleaning questions and services, I am enormously solicited by my colleagues and this generates a certain number of emails, so it was wise to organize everything in the application.

Sandrine Louarrani

Joint General Secretariat of the Loire Atlantique Department

Bluspark makes exchanging with our service providers easier, saving time and efficiency.

Emeline bonnereau

General Secretariat of the Loire Atlantique Department

To report it is very efficient and fast, no retranscription and/or loss of data.