Manage your infrastructures

Customised operations management, adapted to your organisation.

Rivieres de Haute Alsace
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Rivieres de Haute Alsace
Syndicat de l'Orge
Eau Ouest Essonne

Intervention management

Bluspark allows you to easily plan, organize and monitor your interventions with your collaborators, agents and partners. Find all the information you need in real time.

White zone

Working in white zones

Are your teams working in a white zone? It is now possible with the application's offline mode.


Monitor the inspections and maintenance of your facilities

All your installations can be stored in the Bluspark software. You can then program and carry out their maintenance or intervene at any time by having all the history immediately accessible from any device.


Organize your team's rounds

Do your employees make standardized rounds? Inspections on specific sites, controls on installations, at regular or irregular frequencies? Set them up in the app and benefit from a simple and clear view of the smooth running of these rounds and an easily accessible history.


Manage projects with several partners

It is now possible with Bluspark, which enables you to work with several partners, to monitor the evolution and to inform stakeholders of the good progress of the project.


On-call time management

By being available to as many people as possible, each with an associated profile, Bluspark allows everyone to report a problem 24/7. The platform's acuteness will then dispatch the problem to on-call agents and alert them in real time. They can easily evaluate the level of urgency of the problem and send it to the right person for intervention at the right time.


Crisis management

Bluspark is your crisis management tool. The app allows for optimal communication, in real time, by warning and giving access to quality information immediately to those involved. The information distribution organized by the Bluspark is ideal for crisis management and team organization.

We will also assist you at every stage

Our Project and Support teams will assist you in the definition and implementation of the solution and, of course, throughout the use of our solution.

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Send and receive a targeted message for each stakeholder, employees, users, service providers, agents.

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Have numerous indicators to facilitate and speed up decision making.

They {'talk'} about us

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Gaëlle Robeiri

Water and Sanitation Engineer – Siarce

Residents find that it is now easier to submit a report directly on the app and then forward it to the right people in real time rather than calling the secretaries of the various departments.

Republique FR

Sandrine Louarrani

Head of the User Relations Office - La préfecture de la Loire Atlantique

Bluspark facilitates daily cleaning questions and services, I am enormously solicited by my colleagues and this generates a certain number of emails, so it was wise to organize everything in the application.

Rivieres de Haute Alsace

Gwendoline Kervellec

Hydraulic engineer - Rivière Haute Alsace

Our goal was to make our interventions easier to handle with an app for the technicians as well as to evaluate the time spent on each location.