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Republique FR
Saint Maurice Montcouronne
Vivons Forges
Conseil départemental Haut-Rhin
Republique FR
Saint Maurice Montcouronne
Vivons Forges
Conseil départemental Haut-Rhin

The ['key'] features

Follow and manage your projects in one place from A to Z with Bluspark.

Bluspark’s tools are there for you via a unique application, usable on PC and mobile, in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) and include modules :

      Of alerts and management of the intervention, 

      Facility inspection and tour management, 

      Sending warning or information messages, 

      Public appointment making and planning.

 Our team of experts is here to answer your questions and solve your problems. We guarantee a response within 24 hours from our support team.

Our teams are at your service

Nous proposons également un accompagnement dans la mise en œuvre de votre projet :

      Audit et paramétrage de la solution,

      Mise en place de la solution,

      Support technique après-vente en 24h, 

      Intégration logicielle personnalisée, 

      Formation des équipes.

 Notre équipe d’assistance technique personnalisée se fera un plaisir de vous accompagner tout au long de la mise en place de la solution, de son introduction au sein de votre entreprise . Nous offrons également un suivi permanent sur le long terme et pendant toute la durée de notre partenariat.

A ['tailor-made'] support

In order to make your reorganisation project a success by implementing a new software within your company, Bluspark assists you during your change management by providing new skills and support techniques via adapted training. 

Our programme takes into account the impact of change on your teams and their needs in this period of evolution. 

Audit and definition of your platform parameters

The beginning of our working relationship is fundamental. This is why we set up a team and a process dedicated to this first phase of support. Having a good understanding of your business stakes, your organisation and your processes allows for an optimal configuration of the Bluspark platform which really corresponds to your needs.

This phase is also an opportunity to understand your vocabulary so that it is accurately reflected in the app.

Deployment of the solution and its implementation with existing tools

Integrating a new work tool such as the Bluspark solution can be delicate. Teams are not big fans of change, often a source of stress and confusion.

But our platform is programmed to allow you to simply and easily synchronise our solution with your current tools, allowing you to improve your workflows, your communication and make your teams more productive.

Bluspark is a turnkey solution. We adapt our solution to the specificities of your business as well as to your internal processes.

As far as evolutions and updates are concerned, the tool is constantly being optimized.

Bluspark is an ultra-modular collaborative work platform, 100% adaptable, allowing us to immediately meet all your needs.

Training of teams in the solution and providing assistance with the change

Bluspark is at your disposal for personalised training according to your organisation’s needs. Our experts will advise you and accompany you in the use of our platform (presentations of the tool, functionalities, handling…). Employee training is necessary to understand all the features of our tool and to use it effectively. But these trainings are especially important to promote change. You can contact us to find out more about the training courses we offer. Our team is at your service.

A dedicated support department

Bluspark’s experts are at your disposal to bring you technical assistance or to answer your questions. You can contact them directly from the application, but also through the website. Our call centre allows for a quick solution to your questions regarding use or training.

We are committed to providing you with a solution within 24 hours.

Adaptation to changes in the ecosystem, to changes in

By choosing a dynamic tool like Bluspark, you benefit from frequent updates and regular optimisation of its functionalities, because we know that our clients’ needs evolve. We are constantly working on improving our tool to adapt to these new requirements and create new functionalities in order to offer you a solution that accompanies you in your growth.

They {'talk'} about us

Discover the testimonies of the customers who trust us.

Jean-Baptiste Ferrero

Director of Communication SyAGE

What struck me was meeting people at Bluspark who really tried to understand our specificities, our language, to meet our needs, we really appreciated it.

Sheps Ariel

First deputy mayor in charge of culture, communication and security in the Commune of La Ferté Alais

Bluspark is a full-featured app that meets many of our needs for which we had never found a solution to implement.

Jean-Baptiste Ferrero

Director of Communication SyAGE

The app is easy to set up because it was an in depth interaction with a team that listens and is highly available