Waste management

Grand orly seine bievre
Creil Sud Oise
Saint Maurice Montcouronne
La ferté Alais
Coeur d'Essonne Agglo
Grand orly seine bievre
Creil Sud Oise
Saint Maurice Montcouronne
La ferté Alais
Coeur d'Essonne Agglo

A real business tool, Bluspark is the ideal platform for waste management and collection: management of interventions, organization of your collection trucks’ rounds, but also communication with your ecosystem.

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Integrate all your management information into one digital platform.


Digitize your collection operations to bring more transparency to your teams' work.


Take advantage of our intelligent collection route generation tool.

Communication and distribution of requests

Users can make requests and appointments with configurable qualifications: location, type of intervention (waste removal, cleaning, unblocking, bulky removal, filling…), details, date and time according to availability. Bluspark will then organize your teams’ rounds.

For example: ABC Condominium needs a special garbage collection this week. The concierge logs into the platform and schedules a collection time based on his availability.

Respond to customer requests and organize your rounds

Each day, your teams receive a customized list of requests to process – the manager can direct internal or external teams via the dashboard to resolve requests that have not been automatically assigned.

Your providers can also be fully integrated into a centralized organization. 

Following our example, the specialized collection operation in ABC Condominium has been assigned to your company’s Truck 7. He and his team will have to arrive on site at 11:30 am for the collection. This operation is integrated in the intervention route of truck 7, among other operations, intended to optimize the time and thus the cost of your operations.

We also accompany you at every stage

Our Project and Support teams accompany you during the definition and implementation of the solution; and, of course, throughout the use of our solution.

Intervene on illegal dumping

Your inspection teams, users and other users of the platform can easily report illegal dumping. Reports are qualified: geo-location, type of problem, information such as text and photos. They are then transferred to the right internal or external teams depending on the type of problem. You can then track the removal of litter.

Real-time insight into your fleet and operations for greater control and security

On our control panel, you can monitor the daily operations of your trucks and crews in real time. Access to the complete operation history facilitates the control of your company’s work and the quality of service for your customers.

For example, if ABC Condominium’s special waste collection is at 12:30 instead of 11:30, you can understand why and be transparent with your customer. With truck tracking, your customer can get the real time location of the vehicle that will serve him.

The platform is used to:


Provide citizens with a 24/7 online scheduling service for waste collections.


Optimize vehicle routes each day based on bookings, limiting fuel costs and agent time.


Allow residents exclusive access to community landfills.

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They {'talk'} about us

Discover the testimonies of the customers who trust us.

Sandrine Louarrani

Head of the user relations office - La préfecture de la Loire Atlantique

Bluspark facilitates daily cleaning questions and services, I am enormously solicited by my colleagues and this generates a certain number of emails, so it was wise to organize everything in the application.

Sheps Ariel

First deputy mayor in charge of culture, communication and security within the Commune of La Ferté Alais

What was really interesting was the communication and sharing of information in real time.

Emeline bonnereau

General Secretariat of the Loire Atlantique Department

To report it is very efficient and fast, no retranscription and/or loss of data.