Intercommunities Technical Services Management

With Bluspark, gain efficiency in terms of resources and facilitate the reduction of expenses.

Coeur d'Essonne Agglo
Creil Sud Oise
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Coeur d'Essonne Agglo
Creil Sud Oise
Grand orly seine bievre
Saint malo
Rouen normandie

A true digitalization tool, Bluspark is the ideal platform for managing interventions, maintenance and upkeep of the urban environment. Bluspark simplifies your territory.


Connect all the actors of the ecosystem of your Intercommunality on a single digital platform.


Digitize the management of interventions to bring more transparency to your teams' work.

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Streamline the management of your services to residents by digitizing your inspection and maintenance operations.

Simplified communication and event management

The agents and elected officials of the Territory’s municipalities, or citizens and users of the infrastructures, can report an anomaly on the public space. The reports are geo-referenced, include information such as text and photos, and are transferred to the right teams according to the type of problem (illegal dumping, leaks, road problems, etc.).

Follow-up of interventions

The manager who received the incident directs his internal or external teams (partners) to resolve the incident. The Bluspark API also allows the request to be automatically transferred to a business IT system.

We also assist you at every stage

Our Project and Support teams accompany you during the definition and implementation of the solution; and, of course, throughout the use of our solution.

Inform and alert the public on your territory

Do you need to send information or alert messages to groups of people in your territory? It’s possible from the Bluspark platform. Fast and simple, be sure to reach your target audience.

Real-time overview of your operations

On our control panel, you can monitor the daily operations of your teams in real time. The access to the complete history of the operations facilitates the control of the work of your local authority and the quality of the service for your citizens. Finally, reporting by municipality is possible, facilitating exchanges between local authorities.

The platform is used to:


Give each actor in the ecosystem - residents, internal technicians, subcontractors - the ability to open geo-referenced occurrences for faster resolutions.


Warn the population in case of service interruption, crisis or works thanks to adapted communication channels.


The platform brings citizens and intermunicipalities closer together, fostering a relationship of trust within the ecosystem.

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They {'talk'} about us

Discover the testimonies of the customers who trust us.

Sheps Ariel

First deputy mayor in charge of culture, communication and security within the Commune of La Ferté Alais

Bluspark is a full-featured app that meets many of our needs for which we had never found a solution to implement.

Emeline bonnereau

General Secretariat of the Loire Atlantique Department

To report it is very efficient and fast, no retranscription and/or loss of data.

Gwendoline Kervellec

Hydraulic engineer - Rivière Haute Alsace

Bluspark's advantage is its ability to prioritize and have an idea thanks to the follow-up of recurring problems

Sheps Ariel

First deputy mayor in charge of culture, communication and security within the Commune of La Ferté Alais

What was really interesting was the communication and sharing of information in real time.

Sandrine Louarrani

Head of the user relations office - La préfecture de la Loire Atlantique

Bluspark makes exchanging with our service providers easier, saving time and efficiency.

Loic Bideau

Syndicate of the Orge

The advantage of Bluspark is that it can inform users and residents with very precise and personalized information

Gwendoline Kervellec

Hydraulic engineer - Rivière Haute Alsace

We were apprehensive about the management of the application by the technicians at the beginning, that it would be too cumbersome or that they would duplicate entries but the technicians quickly adopted the application!