Green Space Management

Bluspark simplifies your agents’ daily activities in managing your green spaces.

Creil Sud Oise
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Creil Sud Oise
Grand orly seine bievre
Coeur d'Essonne Agglo
Vivons Forges

A true digitalization tool, Bluspark is the ideal platform for managing interventions, communicating preventive operations and maintaining parks, gardens and the public landscape.


Connect all the actors of the ecosystem of your environment on a single collaborative platform.


Digitize the management of interventions to bring more transparency and reactivity to the work of your teams.

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Streamline your equipment management by digitizing your inspection and maintenance operations.

Creation and follow-up of work orders

Your inspection teams and other users of the app can easily report field observations or incidents to be resolved. Reports are classified: geo-location, type of problem, information such as text and photos. They are then transferred to the right teams according to the type of issue (environmental pollution, invasive species, etc…).

For example, if your park’s plant health monitoring identifies a disease, the manager can assign the issue to the appropriate contractor.

Organization of incident resolution

The manager who received the incident directs his/her internal or external (subcontractors) teams to resolve the incident. At the end of each activity, these teams record the service with photos and a form, and can also open new incidents if necessary.

We also assist you at every stage

Our Project and Support teams assist you during the definition and implementation of the solution; and, of course, throughout the use of our solution.

Smoother maintenance and inspections

Bluspark not only allows for the follow-up of curative interventions, but also offers a maintenance module for your park and garden equipment.

Your agents will have access, in one click, to all inspection history and technical documentation.

Bluspark adapts to your procedures and the inspections are filled in according to your routines. All necessary information is stored in the application.

Manage your agents' rounds

The maintenance module allows you to integrate the standardized inspection or control rounds that your agents carry out regularly. They will be able to document their observations and you will be able to easily retrieve the completely digitized rounds reports.

If interventions are necessary, enter them in Bluspark which will send the request to the right partner.

Par exemple, il est possible de créer des itinéraires de contrôle sanitaire des espèces végétales de votre parc, des itinéraires d’inspection des indicateurs biologiques ou des itinéraires d’entretien de vos salles de sport extérieures.

The platform is used to:


Module to record occurrences in your environment to facilitate their resolution.


A real-time global view of events to allow the manager to understand what is happening and take the right decisions.

Creation Parcours

Creation of maintenance paths dedicated to the equipment in your facilities.

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They {'talk'} about us

Discover the testimonies of the customers who trust us.

Sheps Ariel

First deputy mayor in charge of culture, communication and security within the Commune of La Ferté Alais

What was really interesting was the communication and sharing of information in real time.

Gwendoline Kervellec

Hydraulic engineer - Rivière Haute Alsace

Our goal was to make our interventions easier to handle with an app for the agents as well as to evaluate the time spent on each location.

Sheps Ariel

First deputy mayor in charge of culture, communication and security within the Commune of La Ferté Alais

Bluspark is a full-featured app that meets many of our needs for which we had never found a solution to implement before.